Forever and Always

I know its been a while since I have uploaded. Kinda had a creative block but its all good, it happens. I have made a couple of upgrades on equipment for my blog in the meantime as well, and I’m loading up on the coffee and the fashion magazines. So far I can tell my closet for the summer will consist of sheer items, lace up heels, and light material. This dress had everything I wanted when I found it in my closet. It has a short slip dress under it and its sheer from mid thighs down. I purchased it from Urban Outfitters sometime last year. The shoes are from Aldo, and oh my gosh are they comfortable. Personally, I will suffer for fashion. Doesn’t matter how uncomfortable it is, if I love it, I’m wearing it. So it was a nice surprise to feel how comfortable they were on my feet. A special thanks to my amazing father on this day for all of his unconditional love and support. I love you poppa, forever and always.

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