Colors, Patterns

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I normally don’t wear color or patterns. Not because I intentionally try to stay away from them, I just always seem to find things in a monochromatic palette. But lately my mood board and new purchases have consisted of mainly that. I had an impromptu test shoot this weekend and ironically enough there was a lot of color and pattern. Marquel (designer of the lace chocker and black bodysuit I often wear) styled and shot all of these looks. Some items are a part of his upcoming collection and others are pieces from his friends vintage boutique. The boots are from Zara, and they go with literally everything. I wanted to share the unedited version with y’all.  These were shot in my room against the wall where my vanity normally is. Change is good. I don’t ever want anyone to box me in and categorize me under one specific style. Fashion is whatever you want it to be. No rules.

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